Our Intention

Our Intention

Divine Awakening Space inspirational apparel was created for you. 

Our intention is to help you take control and accountability for how you experience each day. And to help you create intentional reminders of how unlimited, powerful, and loving you are.

The founders, Rudi & Anniston Riekstins, work together as spiritual teachers, coaches, and motivational speakers. They began creating uplifting t-shirts to wear that would remind them of their positive intentions, and ultimately make them feel more hopeful and inspired. Soon they received requests from friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers to create t-shirts for them to wear and gift to others. Not only were others impacted by these positive messages, but Rudi & Anniston felt energized, motivated, and transformed by sharing. 

Here’s a simple yet profound spiritual truth - you get what you give

If you want to feel loved, then give love. If you want to feel joy, then share joy. And if you want to feel motivated and inspired, find ways to inspire others.  

Divine Awakening Space is a spiritual lifestyle brand providing meaningful gifts for yourself and loved ones. It's time to join the Wear to Share movement. 

You have the power to change the world, and in the process transform yourself!